ENG – After hundreds of thousands of letters from readers from the most remote parts of the planet Earth Lin, Lan, Len (messengers MoRkObOt) have decided that from now on, some of the contents of the most salient MoRkObLoG will be exhibited in numerous languages. This act is intended to be implemented to make it intelligible message MoRkObOt between different ethnic groups that inhabit this miserable planet. Here is a summary in English of the most damaging events that occur to the messengers of MoRkObOt arrival of MoRtO until today.

(ITA – Dopo le centinaia di migliaia di lettere da parte di lettori dalle parti più remote del pianeta Terra Lin, Lan, Len (i messaggeri di MoRkObOt) hanno deciso che d’ora in poi i contenuti più salienti del MoRkObLoG verranno esposti in numerose lingue. Questo atto vuole essere atto (appunto) per rendere più intellegibile il messaggio di MoRkObOt tra le diverse etnie che popolano questo misero pianeta. Ecco quindi un sunto in lingua inglese dei più nefasti fatti accaduti ai messaggeri di MoRkObOt dall’arrivo di MoRtO fino al giorno d’oggi.)

YEAR 2008

The rot is so complete. MoRtO is available to all human with an incredible limited edition CD + LP version, handmade by Malleus. On the occasion of his 100th appearance MoRkObOt begins MoRtOuR that shortly will touch every corner of the emerged lands.

The continue of MoRtOuR has pitted messengers in complicated culinary experiments along the heel of the Italian peninsula. Given the excellent results obtained messengers are hoping to be able to return soon. Meanwhile, Lin, Lan, Len preparing new appearances of January.

YEAR 2009

During the MoRtOuR the messengers are attacked on several fronts (although they have only one each, in every sense): influence viruses trained, vulve tubas’s thirsty, audio speakers unfit. Meanwhile substantial evolutions securities occur within the Fortress of Science.

Despite MoRtO is fresh rotting messengers begin a long series of experiments to generate early as its successor. These experiments will remain unfinished for a few months because they were considered worthless and abominable.

Bad luck back to peep at the Fortress of Science. The sophisticated equipment for the spread of Getal is damaged. Concluding the first part of MoRtOuR, the messengers begin to plan future activities, of course, only some of which are completed. Among them OtRoM, berlikete and numerous wine and food projects.

Because of the presence of a Friday 17th, the Mighty MoRkOvAn 2.0 ceases to live for about 3 weeks, the messengers are seeking new economic livelihood (still in force) acts to finance the operation for its resurrection. The evils never come alone (or something like that!), so much so that the messengers are then lured into a false appearance with the predicament by a cruel human being. The messengers, making good of a bad situation to
exploit an appearance along with bold R.U.N.I., which is still guarded jealously in the Fortress of Science.

The Mighty MoRkOvAn 2.0 has finally risen (thanks to a very significant investment in monetary donations and organic. By the way, is still accepting donations of any kind, if interested, please contact the messengers), but a new enemy comes from the sky to undermine some appearances of the trio. Messengers temporarily disappear from the worldly life. Continue the fruitless experiments inside the Fortress of Science.

The messengers are called to attend numerous (un)cultural happenings that,
under the pretext of spreading music, serve as a vehicle for the spread of the total Getal. Substantial growth of interest fed (even if on purpose) for catering native. The laboratories of the Fortress of Science are sifted to find at least some tiny speck of dust.

After almost five messengers appear in senile town of L’odi. This place, according to ancient scriptures, seems to have once been the cradle of Getal on Earth. With the advent of OtRoM at the hands of Lin and Lan, beginning the era of MoRkOPoLY. The MoRkOPoLY will be capable of spreading the word about MoRkObOt indirectly through subliminal methods entirely. Meanwhile vulve tubas demonstrate again their nature ambiguous and unreliable (which again supports the hypothesis that the Russians are better than Chinese). The daunting Vespa Crabro takes possession of the Fortress of Science for several hours.

Diaspora messengers between the moors of Europe. The messengers do some international records related to wine (including the largest number of dinners in fewer hours).

The sophisticated equipment designed to generate Getal need maintenance. Birth of MoRkObLoG 2.0 that will replace the previous final MoRkObLoG. Meanwhile continues MoRkOPoLY. Begins officially scientific experiment successor of death that will bring the messengers to the highest spheres of consciousness.

Appears CaTToBoT, the fearsome Catholic robot which every Sunday morning on national Italian television brainwashing exercises on life forms weaker. The MoRtOuR continues along the Italian peninsula and especially beyond the Alps. The MoRkOPoLY widens its sphere of influence. The messengers will enjoy the latest slaughter of the year laden by the faithful Lon, the fifth messenger.

MoRtOuR in full swing. The MoRkOPoLY does the same. The messengers go back across the Alps to impose new territories. Meanwhile the work of the sphere of influence expands also behind of the ocean.

Finish the MoRtOuR and meanwhile continue to booming new scientific experiments inside the Fortress of Science. Incredibly, it appears that Lin, Lan, Len had found the right path on which to continue for the coming of the New Way Of Getal. Some rumors seem to anticipate the potential titles of their new work, but none of them seems to be confirmed (Power Getal, Getal, Up Your Ass, Fire Getal and Steel, Heavy Getal, Getal is the Law, Getallica, Fistful of Getal, Getal Commando and so on). Only with the second half of the year 2010 there could be news to the Interent developments and activities Lin, Lan, Len, the messengers of MoRkObOt.

In the meanwhile, boys and girls (but especially girls) of any age, any sex, race, species and provenance, keep spreading the word that the messengers could return to more vigorous than ever!

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