Lin, Lan, Len (the messengers of MoRkObOt), equipped with picks, pickax, ropes, cables, cable cars, strings and tuners are preparing to leave for a long and exhausting travel with the aim to cross the Alpine mountain chain, and bring them to the icy land to the boundaries of the Arctic Circle, here is what will be their next destinations:

Thursday 25th @ DYNAMO WERK 21 – ZURICH (CH)
Saturday 27th @ T SKALUL – LENDELEDE (B)

Break the ice with Lin, Lan, Len, the messengers of MoRkObOt!


Lin, Lan, Len (i messaggeri di MoRkObOt), muniti di picconi, picozze, funi, funivie, corde, accordatori si preparano a partire per un lungo ed estenuante viaggio atto a valicare la catena montuosa alpina e li porterà verso le gelide terre ai confini del circolo polare artico, ecco quali saranno le loro prossime mete:

Giovedì 25th @ DYNAMO WERK 21 – ZURICH (CH)
Sabato 27th @ T SKALUL – LENDELEDE (B)

Rompi anche tu il ghiaccio insieme a Lin, Lan, Len, i messaggeri di MoRkObOt!

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