eng – During the next appearance of Lin, Lan, Len (messengers of MoRkObOt) will be committed to cross again the huge Alpine mountain chain in order to reach the capital of the Federated State of Upper Austria. The main purpose of this important scientific expedition is to shed light on the mysterious Three Laws of Motion of the Planets discovered that there were now 396 years and 22 days ago by conscientious citizen then Kepler. Given the rigorous observance of the laws implemented in these lands, the messengers are appresteranno to examine carefully the effects it may have on life forms that populate a planet if it violates at least one of these laws. (Who could ever, ever charge a planet, perhaps the rigorous Galactus? ndL)

Saturday, June 9th
Linz, Austria
w/ Phobos

ita – Durante la prossima apparizione di Lin, Lan, Len (i messaggeri di

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