Since the dawn of the first galaxies the voice of MoRkObOt resounded solemn over the saturated atmospheres of the planets in evolution.Dominator of the magnetic strengths and ancestral regulator of the conscience flows, MoRkObOt has returned to the Earth through his three messengers Lin, Lan and Lon brutally subdued to his will.
MoRkObOt manifests himself through sonic experimentations that humans call music.
MoRkObOt pervades the darkened minds of Lin, Lan and Lon conducting their notes in sadistic consequential deliriums.
Come to feed you with the supreme verb!

Morkobot – Lizard Records, Airbag Records, Cynic Lab, 2005
MoStRo – Supernatural Cat, 2006
MoRtO – Supernatural Cat, 2008
MoRbO – Supernatural Cat, 2011
MoRkObOt vs Vanessa Van Basten – Split Album, Subsound Records, 2013
OSSO (MoRkObOt & Eraldo Bernocchi) Subsound Records, 2015
Gorgo – Supernatural Cat, 2016



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