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E’ innegabile come le frequenze smosse dal pizzicare (esclusivamente) con la penna la seconda corda di un comune basso elettrico creino un fascino del tutto particolare all’udito dell’esecutore di tale gesto. Tali frequenze sono in grado di provocare una sorta di audio-dipendenza che spinge l’esecutore ad incrementarne l’uso, spesso abusando o maltrattando
la corda stessa. Tali frequenze spesso possono portare l’esecutore a considerazioni (il più delle voltemantenute inconsce) del tipo:
“Oh, ma senti come suona bene ‘sta corda!”
“ Ma se io ne montassi quattro uguali di queste?!”
“Se si rompe adesso però è la fine!”

A seguito di queste considerazioni (in special modo della terza) ed a seguito di fatti del tutto inaspettati al momento della loro formulazione può accadere che ne scaturiscano altre consequenziali (il più delle volte espressamente verbali), del tipo:
“Ecco, lo sapevo *io ********!”
“Ecco, lo sapevo ***** *io!”
“Ecco, lo sapevo *io ****!”

E’ interessante notare come queste ultime tre considerazioni trovino modo di esistere solo in seguito al realizzarsi della terza considerazione della prima serie di considerazioni appena considerate.
E’ interessante notare come tale realizzazione abbia modo di esistere solo ed esclusivamente in situazioni assai sconfortevoli, come ad esempio durante delicate apparizionidal vivo in luoghi dall’alta cacofonia o in delicate sessioni di registrazione ove è impensabile commettere errori umani di alcun tipo.


Due to the literary virtuosity in the text above is not possible to provide as complete and adequate to the above post. However MoRkObLoG reserves the right to entertain loyal readers with an extract taken from himself, and exactly one year ago.


Lin Lan, Len (messengers of MoRkObOt) have apparently disappeared from the social life that often characterizes their futile lives. The trio seems to have it locked up again within the walls of the Fortress of Science, to proceed with the long (and often unsuccessful) series of scientific experiments developed for the generation of life after death already started several months. Not yet know what direction will be taken by the messengers, since every experiment so far carried out (but never completed successfully) has not yet brought the desired results, but only small insights. These insights, however, are having an impact profits (often in every sense) the conduct of life of Lin Lan, Len. Indeed we must note that the phrase just does not want to bring any written part and that the only utility to occupy several hundred pixels in order to donate a substantial length of this post. In fact there are two main theories regarding the drafting of the post MoRkObLoG (which remember, is self-compiled). The first is the extreme length of the post. When a post reaches a very considerable number of lines is able to attract the attention of readers more curious and full of fussy because important content. In case the post rather reaches a small number of lines indicates that it does not contain any relevant content, but will, however, more likely to be read to the end. Being bed is certainly an ambiguous situation. And ‘it impossible to lie down to rest on a post, although it will be read. A post indeed needs a support in the form of an electronic computer which prevents the effective use of reading. It can therefore safely say that he ran into an ambiguity of the language currently used to compile the post where a word can have multiple meanings. To find other examples of this can be useful a careful reading of the sentence preceding the one you are reading now. It speaks of the current language. And ‘that, despite the sophisticated plot that sustains muscle, the tongue is unable to run because individually attached to the outer part of the digestive system. It ‘was, however, tried (through significant experiments on human guinea pigs years ago) that the language can not function if extrapolated from the apparatus to which it belongs. Unlike what happens with the tail of lizards, language, once severed can not survive independently. Not only that, his amputation can often lead to considerable problems reported by the subject object of the experiment. The main symptoms of this removal are often related to difficulties in using any language (except obviously its because severed) for the most common communicative functions. This may bring the subject object of the experiment to go to find new ways of communication often fruitless.”